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Clay Masterpieces Company Pottery: Your Products with Soul

Welcome to the world of real pottery, where every piece is created with the utmost attention to detail and a passion for clay. We are a team of talented potters representing the Clay Masterpieces Company. Our skillful hands turn ordinary clay into amazing works of art that will not only decorate your home, but also become a source of inspiration.

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Sculptures and Decor: Clay Inspiration

Clay Masterpieces Company potters are true artists who use clay as their canvas to create amazing sculptures and decorative pieces. Their creativity is inspired by nature, art and inspiration.

We believe that art should be accessible and present in everyday life. That's why we create our sculptures and decorative items with love and passion for you to enjoy in your home. Let us bring a piece of art into your life.


Our sculptures will be a real decoration of your home or garden. We create both abstract and realistic sculptures that can evoke emotion and admiration.

Decorative Products:

Our decorative products are unique items that will add a special charm to your interior. It can be vases, candlesticks, jugs and much more.


Looking for an original gift? Our sculptures and decorative items are suitable for both gifts to loved ones and corporate souvenirs. They carry creativity and individuality.


These are works of art created by hand using traditional pottery techniques. Each figurine is unique and unrepeatable.

Unique Dishes: Each Item Is A Small Masterpiece

Our pottery workshop offers you unique dishes that amaze with their beauty and individuality. Our potters put all their soul and creativity into each product, making them truly unique.

Clay Masterpieces Company products are the way to individuality and beauty. They emphasize your uniqueness and make your day special. Let us create something truly unique for you.


Our cups are not just containers for drinks, they are a real work of art. Their shape and design emphasize the taste and style of everyone who touches them.

Plates, Vases:

Our plates will be the centerpiece of your table and vases will add charm to your interior. Every detail is carefully sculpted and decorated by our experienced potters.


Our jugs are not only functional, but also impress with their elegance. They are designed to give your drinks a special taste. They have a unique shape and style.


We pride ourselves on not mass-producing. Instead, each piece is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, making it unique and special. You will not find two identical items.


Workshops: Develop your Pottery skills with Clay Masterpieces Company

Our master classes are a unique opportunity to plunge into the world of pottery. Regardless of your experience or age, you can feel like a potter and create your own work of art.

Master classes are held in the cozy and inspiring atmosphere of our pottery workshop. You can not only create a unique product, but also get an unforgettable experience that will stay with you for a long time. Join our workshops and unleash your potential in the world of pottery.

For Beginners:

If you are new to clay, our experienced instructors will teach you the basics of pottery. You will create your first clay work, be it a bowl, vase or sculpture.

For the Experienced:

If you already have experience in pottery, our workshops will give you the opportunity to deepen your skills and try out more advanced techniques. Create unique works of art under the guidance of professionals.

For Children:

We hold children's workshops where children can feel like real artists and create their own clay masterpieces. This is a great opportunity to develop creativity.

For Professional Teams:

Pottery workshops are also suitable for corporate events or professional team buildings. They help to strengthen the team spirit and develop creative thinking in the team. They also combine interests.

Why We:

Create a piece of art with Clay Masterpieces Company. Visit our shop and learn how to create your own pottery masterpieces.


Individual Approach: We work with each client individually, taking into account your preferences and desires.

Quality and Uniqueness: Our products are of high quality and original design.


Environmental Sustainability: We use natural materials and take care of nature without polluting.

Worldwide Shipping: We ship our products to every part of the country.



Amazing pottery! I have purchased several unique cups and plates from them and each one is a true work of art. They add comfort and originality to my home.


I bought myself a clay figurine to decorate my workplace. She's just amazing! I see art and a passion for creativity in her. Thanks to the company for such a unique gift.


Attending the master class was an incredible experience! Their potters are really professional and they made the process of making their clay sculpture so much fun. I recommend to all!

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